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Dry powder packaging machine is an automated packing equipment with excellent packaging effect specially used for packaging dry powdered products.It is suitable for packaging various powdered materials, such as coffee powder, milk powder, flour, condiments, etc. At the same time, automatic dry powder packaging machine is widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and other industries which is a good helper for people.

KEFAI’s dry powder packing machine can automatically transport dry powder raw materials from the storage device to the packaging bag, and realize automated raw material supply. In the meantime, this amazing dry powder packaging system has a high-precision metering device, which can accurately control the weight of the powder in each packaging bag to ensure that the weight of the product in each packaging bag is the same.

Dry Powder Pouch Packing Machine

Premade Pouch Packing Machine for Dry Powder: KEFAI’s high quality automatic dry fine powder packing machine is popular with our customers. Through automated operation processes and high-precision metering technology, the doypack dry powder packing machine can quickly and accurately fill powder products into packaging bags which improves packaging efficiency and product quality, and meets the needs of enterprises for efficient packaging.

  • Operación automatizada
  • High-precision Measurement
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • Efficient Production Capacity

1. This machinery is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which meets GMP requirements.
2. The container is automatically positioned and filled with material.
3. PLC touch screen control system, full Chines&English interface, easy to operate.
4. Servo system measurement, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily with high precision.
5. Automatic display of packaging quantity, convenient for counting the workload of the machine.

The dry powder packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of dry powders, including flour, starch, powdered sugar, milk powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, protein powder and other food dry powders; pharmaceutical powders, medical powders, health product powders, and other pharmaceutical dry powders; foundation, loose powder, eyeshadow powder, blush powder, mask powder and other cosmetic dry powders; pesticides, fungicides and other agricultural powders; and pigment powders, filler powders, additive powders and other chemical dry powders.
At the same time, various packaging bags can pack dry powder. This kind of prefabricated bag-type dry powder packaging function uses various doypack bags, spout bags, gusseted bags, and other bags to fill dry powder.


KEFAI Rotary Dry Powder Filling and Capping Machine
Packing Bag
3-side, four edge-sealing bag, self-reliance bag, handbag, spout pouches, zipper bag, compound bag, etc
W: 70-200mm /100-250mm
rango de llenado
10-1000g /20-2500g
Velocidad de embalaje
40-60 bags/min (speed is determined by the product filling quantity)
Average precision
≤ ±1 %
Poder total
2.5 KW
1900mm*1570mm*1700mm (L*W*H)
giving bag → coding → opening → filling → auxiliary → exhaust → heat sealing → forming and output product
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VFFS Dry Powder Pouch Máquina de embalaje: This automatic vffs packing machine can easily package protein, cocoa powder, coffee powder, green tea powder, and other clean and dry powder materials. Dry powder packaging machines usually have an intuitive operation interface and control system, which are easy to operate and adjust. Operators can get started quickly, reducing training costs and the risk of operational errors.

empaquetadora de polvo kefai vffs


Precio bajo

    KEFAI has low price dry powder packing machine for sale. KEFAI's low price dry powder packing machine adopts a simplified design and manufacturing process, and its materials and parts are relatively economical, resulting in lower production costs. KEFAI's intelligent dry powder packaging solutions can be applied to companies with limited budgets. Although the price of the packaging machine is low, the high-quality and cheap dry powder packaging machine can still provide good performance and reliability, and under the correct maintenance and maintenance operation, it has a long service life.



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KEFAI is a company specializing in the manufacture and supply of dry powder packaging machines. We have many years of experience and technical expertise in the dry powder packaging industry and are committed to providing customers with high-quality and efficient dry powder packaging solutions. KEFAI as a dry powder packing machine factory has many advantages. KEFAI pays attention to the excellent quality of its products, from the selection of raw materials to the strict control of the production process, to ensure that every dry powder packaging machine has undergone strict quality inspection and testing. Our dry powder packaging products have stable performance, reliable operation, and long-term stable work. Choosing KEFAI's packaging machine for dry powder is your best choice.

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Comentarios de nuestros clientes

"We purchased KEFAI's dry powder packaging machine and are very satisfied with its performance and quality. Its high-precision weighing system ensures that the amount of dry powder in each packaging bag is accurate. The stability and durability of the machine are also impressive. Most importantly, our production efficiency has been significantly improved. Thank you very much KEFAI for providing such an excellent dry powder packaging solution!"

—— Mr. Kevin, a customer from the USA.


"KEFAI's dry powder packaging machine can quickly complete the packaging tasks of a large number of dry powder products. Its automated control system makes operation simple and convenient, reducing labor investment. In addition, the compact design of the machine takes up less space and is perfectly integrated with our powder production line."

—— Mr. Kevin, a customer from the United Kingdom.


"KEFAI dry powder packaging machines perform well on our food production line and can adapt to packaging bags of different specifications and sizes. In addition, the maintenance of the machine is also very convenient, saving us time and energy. In general, we are very satisfied with the performance and quality of this dry powder packaging machine, and are willing to recommend it to other customers who need it."

—— Mr. Kevin, a customer from the Vatican.

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FAQs about Dry Powder Packing Machine

1. What is the working principle of the dry powder packaging machine?
The dry powder packaging machinery first puts the powder into a pre-made bag. The dry powder packer machine has an excellent weighing or metering system, which will automatically weigh or measure the required filling weight of powder in the bag, then seal and seal it, and finally form a sealed packaging bag.


2. What range of packaging weight can the dry powder packaging machine handle?
The packaging weight range of the dry powder packing system can choose different models according to customer needs. Different packaging weights from a few grams to several thousand grams can be achieved, depending on the capacity and configuration of the packaging machinery of the selected model.


3. How does the dry powder packaging machine ensure the sealing of the packaging bag?
The dry powder packaging machine is equipped with an efficient sealing system, and our leading heat sealing or cold sealing technology ensures good sealing of the bag. It ensures that the bag can be completely sealed to prevent powder leakage or moisture.


4. How does the dry powder packaging machine deal with the problem of dust?
In order to reduce the impact of dust generation and diffusion on the factory environment, dry powder packaging machines usually adopt a closed structure and dust control device. These devices can effectively collect and filter dust, ensure a clean and clean working environment, and protect the health and safety of operators.


5. Is the dry powder packaging machine suitable for a dry powder that is easy to clump?
Yes, it is definitely possible. The dry powder packaging equipment can be equipped with an optional breaking device, which can effectively destroy the agglomeration in the dry powder to ensure a smooth packaging process. These devices can evenly disperse the agglomerated powder, allowing it to pass the weighing and packaging stages smoothly.