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Best Irregular Shaped Bag Packing Machine

HFFS special-shaped bag packing machine is widely used in various industries that need to pack irregularly shaped bags, including the food industry, medicine and health products, daily necessities industry, etc. Since the HFFS machine is equipped with different filling or loading and unloading systems, you can freely choose to fill powder, liquid or granular products. The common packaging products are lotions, fruit juice drinks, face masks, espresso, digital electronics, etc.

KEFAI's irregular shaped pouch packing machine is the best HFFS machine. Through the use of various heat-sealable multi-layer composite films, the HFFS special-shaped pouch packaging machine can fully realize the forming, filling, and cutting and sealing process of special-shaped self-supporting bags. The irregular-shaped bag packing machine produced by KEFAI can be applied to different packaging objects and packaging bag dimensions. HFFS irregular special shaped bag packaging machine has the advantages of flexibility and strong adaptability, and can adapt to the packaging needs of various special-shaped bags. It can ensure the packaging quality and sealing of the bags and improve production efficiency.

  • Efficient Packaging Capacity
  • Excellent Reliability And Stability
  • Reduce Waste Of Packaging Materials
  • Ajuste flexible


Automatic shaped pouch packing machine can meet the needs of special-shaped bag packaging, improve packaging efficiency, product quality and production efficiency. This automated packaging machine can realize a variety of functions, such as automatic metering, filling, sealing, cutting, printing, etc. And hffs equipment is suitable for different packaging requirements and product types. By using the HFFS special-shaped bag packaging machine, each packaging bag can be traced and key information such as production date and batch number can be recorded to improve product traceability and quality management.

Advantages Of Saving

HFFS machinery adopts an automated operation process, which reduces the reliance on manual labor, reduces human resource costs, and improves productivity and efficiency. The horizontal form fill seal machine also adopts energy-saving design to reduce energy consumption and waste generation, which meets environmental protection requirements and reduces the impact on the environment. This makes the HFFS shaped bag packaging machine an efficient, flexible and reliable packaging machine for a variety of industries and product packaging needs.

irregular shaped pouch paste application

Irregular Shaped Pouch Sample:

irregular shaped pouch application


  1. PLC programmable computer controller, touch screen, photoelectric sensor, encoder and frequency converter for high integration and reliable operation.
  2. Advanced photoelectric sensor tracking system and servo motor puller for precise bag width and film position.
  3. Independent digital temperature controller,for vertical and horizontal sealing,intuitive and accurate.
  4. Easy and fast replacement, smooth performance, low noise, perfect packaging appearance, reasonable safety devices, pollution-free production process


NombreKEFAI HFFS Irregular Bag Packing Machine
Degree of automationFully automated
Velocidad de embalaje40-60 bags/min
Materiales de embalajeComposite material
Packaging film width200-530 mm
Tamaño de la bolsa90*110 mm

Imágenes detalladas

dibujo del proceso del paquete hffs

1. mecanismo de liberación de película 2. formación de película 3. guía de película 4. detección de código de color 5. mecanismo de sellado inferior 6. mecanismo de sellado vertical 7. dispositivo de fácil corte

8. mecanismo de corte 9. mecanismo de extracción de bolsas 10. mecanismo de apertura de bolsas 11. llenado 12. sellado superior 13. producto terminado 14. salida del producto terminado

Detalles de la máquina empacadora de bolsas planas HFFS
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Ventajas de KEFAI

KEFAI as the factory of HFFS (Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal) irregular shaped bag packaging machinery, KEFAI has extremely strong strength. KEFAI has leading technology. We use advanced technology and innovative design concepts to provide you with high-quality HFFS irregular shaped bag packaging machines. KEFAI can customize the design machinery according to your specific needs to meet the special-shaped bag packaging of different shapes, sizes and special requirements. KEFAI has established a good reputation in the field of HFFS irregular shaped pouch packing machines, and has won the trust and praise of customers. We can provide you with various irregular shaped pouch HFFS packaging solutions.

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Comentarios de nuestros clientes

KEFAI’s HFFS special shaped bag packaging machine is really an excellent equipment! The packaging effect of the hffs pouching machine is so good that can accurately pack special-shaped bags of various sizes, and the packaging effect is beautiful and generous. We expressed our great satisfaction with this purchase.Mr. Nicolas, a customer from Sweden.
KEFAI’s special-shaped pouch horizontal packaging machine performs well on the production line of our factory. The packaging speed of the hffs packaging machine is very fast and can meet our needs for mass production. And the stability and durability of the machine are also impressive. Thank you KEFAI, I hope your products are getting better and better!Ms. Damion, a customer from Spain.
We purchased KEFAI’s shaped bag horizontal forming filling sealing machine for food packaging and the finished product is very good, the shaped bags are sealed firmly with no air or material leaks! The workflow of the hffs machine is very smooth, and it is very easy to adjust and switch between different product packages, which is highly satisfactory to us.Mr. Maggie, a customer from Slovakia.

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FAQs about HFFS Irregular Shaped Bag Packing Machine

1. How does this automatic packaging machine handle irregularly shaped bags?

With advanced technology and innovative design, HFFS shaped bag packaging machine can be automatically adjusted and positioned according to the shape and size to ensure accurate bag packing and sealing.

2. What sealing methods can be achieved by HFFS special-shaped bag packaging machine?

HFFS special-shaped bag packaging machine can realize a variety of sealing methods, including heat sealing, cold sealing, ultrasonic sealing, etc. KEFAI can choose the appropriate sealing method for you according to the characteristics and requirements of your product.

3. How is the packaging effect of this HFFS packing machine for irregular bags?

HFFS shaped pouch packing machine can achieve tight sealing and beautiful appearance of the bags, keeping the freshness and quality of the products. The shaped bags can provide good packaging effect for the products and easily attract the interest of buyers.


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