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China Nuts Packing Machine

El automatic nuts packing machine is used for special packaging of nut foods, including almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts and pistachios. These machines are used in the field of food processing and packaging to effectively and accurately package various styles of nuts.

KEFAI China nuts packing machine plays a vital role in the food industry by improving packaging efficiency, reducing labor costs, ensuring product consistency, and enhancing product display on store shelves. Not only that, KEFAI provides customization options to adapt the nuts packaging machine to your specific production requirements, including speed, packaging size and format.

  • Precision Weighing System
  • Various Packaging Bag Types
  • Hygiene
  • Control de calidad


El cashew nut pouch packing machine can be filled with free-flowing grains, beans, seeds, salt, tea powder, coffee beans, corn, nuts, candy, dried fruits, vegetables, snacks, pet food, coffee powder, coconut flour, low-weight engineering products, etc. If the hoist of other materials is replaced, it can also pack powders and pastes, such as coffee powder, coconut flour, milk powder, various sauces, fruit juices, etc.

In addition, this nut packaging equipment can use many premade bags such as doypack pouches, zipper pouches, spout pouches, gusseted pouches, quad seal pouches, etc.



Principales características

  1. Full-automatic weigh-form-fill-seal type, efficient and simple to use.
  2. Use famous brand electric and pneumatic components, stable and long life circle.
  3. Use superior mechanical components, reduce the wear outless .
  4. Easy to install the film, auto-correcting the excursion of the film .
  5. Apply advanced operating system, easy to use and reprogrammable. To be used on a Jintian High-quality machine, it makes your packing work easy and efficient.


KEFAI Rotary Nuts Packing Machine
Velocidad de embalaje
15-35 bags/min (Depending on the product and filling weight)
Tamaño de la bolsa
Ancho: 100-200 mm Largo: 150-300 mm
Rango de llenado
Poder total
Tipos de bolsas
All kinds of compound bags, such as stand-up bags, portable bags, zipper bags, paper bags, etc.
Dimensiones totales

Imágenes detalladas

Detalles de la máquina empacadora de bolsas rotativas prefabricadas

Para más detalles, Por favor envíenos una consulta.

Máquinas relacionadas

Small Sachets Cashew Nut Packing Machine: The China small sachets cashew nut packing machine covers a smaller area, and this nuts packing machine price is more affordable. If you are interested in this packaging machine, please tell us the bag type and cutter method you need first. After understanding your specific needs, we can customize the nut packaging machine for you.

Máquina envasadora automática de bolsitas de azúcar KEFAI


Ventajas de KEFAI

KEFAI has more than ten years of experience in packaging machine manufacturing. KEFAI strictly implements the international quality management system, measurement and testing system and standard standardized production system. The nuts packing machines have passed the EU CE and SGS certification. Therefore, We have sold many customized nuts packaging solutions to customers all over the world, and these customers have given our nut packaging machines very good reviews. We treat every customer responsibly, and we have the ability to independently manufacture new nuts packaging machines.

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Comentarios de nuestros clientes

I am very satisfied with KEFAI’s nut packing machine. KEFAI is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, pre-sales, and after-sales. KEFAI’s high-quality nut packaging machinery, with its easy-to-operate, easy-to-maintain, safe and durable characteristics, is widely used in various snack foods, cereals, and other products. Mr. Colton, a customer from the Vatican.
KEFAI’s cashew nut packing machine is a wonderful machine worth buying. Not only can it be packaged quickly, but the error rate of each bag of products is also less than 1g. So, I think we will continue to cooperate with KEFAI to purchase their related packaging machines in the future. Mr. Hamiltion, a customer from Latvia.
On the one hand, the attitude of KEFAI’s customer service staff is very gentle and easy to get along with, and they have solved many problems for us. On the other hand, the machine for packing nuts can be applied a various bag shapes. For bag types con zippers, a zipper-opening device can be added. Mr. Adolph, a customer from Poland.

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FAQs about Nuts Packing Machine

1. What are the main characteristics of a nut packing machine?

Common functions of nut packaging machines include nut feeding systems (such as vibrating feeders or bucket conveyors), quantitative weighing systems, bag feeding or bag forming devices, filling mechanisms (augers, volumetric cups, or scales), and heat sealing systems. In addition, the nut packaging machine may also include the option of nitrogen flushing to extend the shelf life of the nuts.

2. How to deal with the failure or blockage of the nut packaging machine?

Nut packaging machines may face problems of failure or blockage. Generally speaking, operators need to be trained to understand how to troubleshoot and deal with blockages. In addition, some machines have automatic shutdown and fault diagnosis functions to reduce production interruptions. If you still can't solve the problem, you can ask our professional after-sales customer service team.

3. What are the optional configurations or functions of these nuts packer machines?

Our nut packaging machine has a variety of optional configurations, such as adjustment, coding, and labeling functions, different sealing options (heat sealing or pulse sealing), etc. The choice depends on the specific packaging needs.

4. How does the packaging speed affect the choice of nut packing machinery?

Packing speed is one of the important factors when choosing a nut packing machine. High-capacity nut packaging machines are suitable for production lines that require rapid nut packaging, while low-capacity nut packaging machines are suitable for small-scale production or new enterprises.

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