A sauce pouch packing machine is an intelligent packaging machine that can meet the high requirements of the soy sauce packaging industry. The sauce filling and sealing machine is suitable for packaging various sauce-related materials, including liquids and pastes. Its wide range of packaging makes it a versatile pouch packaging solution for many industries. For example, for the food and beverage industry, it is very important to use a sauce bag packaging machine.

KEFAI’s automatic sauce pouch packing machine has powerful features. There are many types of packaging for sauces, including doypack/stand-up pouches, spout pouches, and flat pouches, which provide businesses with flexibility in packaging options. Furthermore, with the ability to easily adjust to pack different types and sizes of pouches, our sauce pouch packaging system is capable of meeting a wide range of packaging needs. In total, KEFAI’s sauce pouch packaging machine is a multifunctional packaging solution that can help many companies improve their production efficiency.

 KEFAI Sauce Doypack stand up Pouch Packing Machine

Rotary Sauce Premade Pouch Packaging Machine is a packaging equipment often used to pack sauce into premade pouches, like doypack (stand-up pouch) and spout pouch. It uses a rotary type to fill and seal from the mouth of the bag to ensure high-speed and efficient production. This helpful sauce packing machine can handle a variety of prefabricated bags, such as stand-up bags, flat bags, zipper bags, and water pockets, which can be customized according to the specific needs of the product. Rotary sauce prefabricated bag packaging machines are suitable for the food industry, especially in the sauce production and packaging industry. It can improve packaging efficiency and ensure product quality and safety.

  • User-friendly Design
  • Alta precisión
  • Multifunctional Machine
  • Cost-effective


1. Wide range of pouches: All kinds of pre-made pouches such as flat and stand-up pouches (with/without zip).

2. Easy to operate: PLC and color panel, fault indication on the panel.

3. Easy to adjust: Needs 10 minutes to adjust the clamp to be suitable for different pouches.

4. Frequency control: Speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion within the range.

5. No pouch/incorrect pouch opening-no fill-no seal, machine alarm.

6. Machine alarm and stop when the inadequate air pressure.

7. Hygienic construction: The product contact parts are adopted sus304 stainless steel.

8. Imported engineering plastic bearings, no need for oil, no contamination.

9. Oil-free vacuum pump, avoid the pollution of the production environment.


This Sauce Pouch Packing Machine is suitable for packing all kinds of liquid, viscous liquid, and pastes, such as sauce, shampoo, hand soap, shower gel, detergent, disinfectant, bleach, hand-washing gel, olive oil, drinking water, milk, soy sauce, juice, etc. Complying with GMP standards, all product contact parts are stainless steel or food grade materials. Advanced PLC and touch screen electric control system, friendly man-machine interface. Possibility to link up and synchronize with other up and down stream packaging equipment.

paste sauce pouch application

Parámetro técnico

ArtículoMáquina empacadora de bolsas de salsa
ModeloKF02-L TS
Velocidad de embalaje10-55bags/min (Depending on the product and filling weight)
Tamaño de la bolsaAncho: 100-200 mm Largo: 150-300 mm
Tipos de bolsasAll kinds of compound bags, such as flat bags, 3-side sealing bags,
4-side sealing bag, zipper bag, standup bag, etc.
Rango de llenado5-1500g
Poder total2,6 KW
Dimensiones totales2900*1650*1450mm
Peso1300 kilos

Imágenes detalladas

Operación de la máquina empacadora de bolsas rotativas Permade

Rotary Permade pouch packing machine details


Máquina relacionada

  • Horizontal Sauce Pouch Packing Machine: This automatic HFFS sauce packing machine is suitable for the packaging of fluid and semi-fluid sauces, such as salad dressing, soy sauce, seasonings, etc. The horizontal bag feeder packing machine can be adjusted according to different bag sizes and shapes to achieve efficient automatic packaging.

Máquina empacadora de bolsas prefabricadas horizontales KEFAI

  • Sauce Spout Pouch Packing Machine: The rotary sauce packing machine for spouted pouches is a specialized machine designed for packaging products in spouted pouches. It uses a rotating fill and seal packaging system from the spout to complete the packaging process efficiently and quickly. The sauce packing machine can handle a variety of spouted pouch sizes and shapes. We support the customization of this equipment. The sauce rotary packaging machine for spouted pouches provides a great packaging solution for increasing packaging efficiency, ensuring product quality, and improving market competitiveness.

KEFAI Rotary spout pouch filling and capping machine


  • Big Bag Sauce Pouch Packing Machine: The vertical form fill seal (VFFS) large bag packaging machine is a specialized equipment designed for packaging sauces in large bags, ranging from 100g-500g and 1kg-5kg. The VFFS technology ensures that the bags are tightly sealed to prevent leakage and ensure sauce freshness. The large bag packing machinery is highly versatile and can be easily adapted to different bag sizes and product specifications.

KEFAI vertical big bag paste packing machine

  • Bag in Box Sauce Pouch Packing Machine: The bag-in-box sauce packaging machine is a specialized piece of equipment for packaging products in bags and then inserting them into boxes. It comes in two different weight categories: 2-10kg and 10-25kg, and it can be equipped with a lid for added protection. It is capable of high-speed and accurate filling, and the bag is tightly sealed to prevent leakage and ensure product freshness.

KEFAI Bag in Box Filling Machine



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KEFAI's sauce bag packaging machine proves our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable and efficient packaging solutions for global companies. In addition to using advanced technology and high-quality components, our sauce bag packaging machine also provides excellent customer service and support. Our experienced professional team can provide you with personalized solutions and technical support to ensure that you can get the most from our products.
In general, KEFAI's sauce bag packaging machine is an essential helper in your industry. KEFAI hopes to bring you the best packaging product experience and hopes that we can become your most trusted partner.

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Preguntas frecuentes

1. Does your sauce pouch packing machinery handle the packaging of different types of sauces?

Yes, our intelligent machines can package sauces of various viscosities, from uniform pastes to products with bulk particles. In addition, our automatic sauce bag packing machines can also adapt to different types of sachet packaging composite film materials to ensure that the packaging is suitable for specific sauce products.


2. How can I ensure that the packaging of my sauce pouch products has the highest level of hygiene and safety?

When we designed the sauce bag packaging machine, we took into account the hygiene and safety issues of the packaged products. Because it has a fully enclosed structure and high-quality components, it is easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring the quality of food. Furthermore, our sauce packing machines are equipped with sensors and alarms that can detect and remind the operator of any abnormalities that occur during the packaging of the machine to ensure that the packaging is always safe and hygienic.


3. How can your sauce pouch packing machine help me reduce production costs and improve work efficiency?

Our sauce pouch machines have the advantage of being very efficient and economical. With its high-speed packaging capabilities and customizable functions, it can increase production output and reduce labor costs. Moreover, our sauce bag packaging equipment uses durable components to minimize the need for maintenance and repair, and ultimately reduce long-term costs. In summary, with its high efficiency and extremely cost-effective, our sauce bag packaging machine can help companies in the sauce industry take the lead.


4. What if I want to customize the packaging pouch to stand out from the competitors?

We understand the importance of customized packaging pouches in the brand. Although we are not a manufacturer of prefabricated bags, we can recommend our packaging machine products and related packaging bag manufacturers that we are familiar with.


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