Capsule blister packaging machine is an efficient, precise and intelligent packaging equipment that can provide a reliable guarantee for the production of the pharmaceutical industry. This is a medicinal blister packaging machine suitable for blister packaging capsules and tablet products of various sizes.
KEFAI capsule blister packaging machine's main function is to heat the capsule or tablet together with the transparent PVC material to form a transparent blister packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the pill and capsule from the influence of the external environment, but also to facilitate the use and storage of the drug. At the same time, KEFAI can provide different specifications and models of equipment according to customer needs to meet different production needs.

 Máquina empacadora de blister de tabletas KEFAI

Capsule Blister Packing Machine: KEFAI’s capsule/tablet blister packaging machine adopts advanced PLC control system and touch screen interface, which automatically realizes the functions of feeding, filling, forming, and sealing. It greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.

  • Effectively protect the product
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Improve packaging efficiency
  • Customization support


1. This machine adopts the latest model of high-power transmission, the row chain drives the transmission shaft, which eliminates the other gear transmission error and noise.
2. Electrical adopts the imported control systems, which can be customized by the user. Equipped with the short shot-up leakage device, missing particle detection, and removed device.
3. This machine adopts an optoelectronic system: PVC, PTP, tropical aluminum packaging, automatic feeding, waste selvage automatic material receiving device, which ensures long-distance multi-site synchronization stability.
4. This machine adopts a sub-portfolio structure: PVC informing, feeding, hot sealing; Tropical aluminum cold forming, hot sealing, blanking.
5. This machine can be equipped with reprovisioning photoelectric detection and a corrected device, equipped with an imported stepper motor, photo printing, and packaging, which will optimize the grades of packaging.
6. It is suitable for capsules, tablets, honey pills, candy, liquid (ointment), olive oil, and syringe as well as irregular shape Al-plastic or paper-plastic packing in pharmacies, healthcare, food, cosmetics, medical equipment industry, etc.


KEFAI Blister Packing Machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of liquid and solid in medium and small pharmaceutical factory, health medicine factories, hospital preparation labs, food industry, electronic industry, hardware industry, etc. Tablet capsule blister packing machine can protect the material from steam or dust, improve product packing degree, and increase the added value. This automatic blister packing machine for capsule is used to produce small quantities and various kinds of products. It is mainly for aluminum and PVC, it can be customized based on your requirements.


KEFAI Capsule Blister Packing Machine
Blanking Frequency
15 - 40 Punches/min
Sheet's quantity of one blanking
1 sheets
900-2100 sheets/hour
Adjustable scope of feed travel
10-110 mm
Max. Forming
120*110*15 mm
Fuente de alimentación
380V 50Hz 5.5Kw
Dimensiones totales
1650*500*1100 mm
Packaging Dimension
1800*650*1250 mm
650 Kg

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Detalles de la máquina empacadora de blister de tabletas

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KEFAI produces capsule pharmaceutical blister packaging machines covering different specifications and models to meet different customer needs, as well as customized production services. Our capsule blister packing machines can accommodate different sizes of tablet/capsule/injection packaging and can produce different sizes of blister products by changing molds.
KEFAI as a professional pill capsule blister packing machine factory, we have strong technical strength and rich production experience, constantly exploring new technologies and looking for new breakthroughs. KEFAI is committed to providing customers with high quality capsule blister packing machine products and the best service. KEFAI has become one of the well-known brands in the packaging industry.

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FAQ about Capsule blister packing machine

1. What specifications and models of capsules or tablets are the capsule blister packaging equipment suitable for?
A: Our capsule blister packaging machine can be used for different sizes and models of capsules and tablets, including 0# to 5# capsules and different sizes of tablets, etc.


2. Do we need professional technical operators to operate the capsule blister packing machinery?
A: Our capsule and tablet blister packing machine is simple to use and very easy to operate, no special operating skills are required, only simple training is needed to use it quickly.


3. What is the capacity of capsule blister packaging machine?
The capacity of our capsule blister/pill packing machine varies depending on the model, and can generally reach 50-200 pieces per minute.


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